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Alerts for City of Camdenton:

 City of Camdenton Press Release
April 1, 2020

As our community continues to work together to avoid the further spread of the Corona COVID 19 virus, I would urge you to educate yourself about the virus and to always err on the side of caution when thinking about your daily activities.

Remember the phrase ONE CART, ONE PERSON when visiting the grocery stores and other essential businesses. We, as fellow citizens, need to be mindful of the number of people and the number of times per day we are visiting these essential businesses.  Every customer who walks in their doors PUTS THOSE WORKERS AND OTHERS AT RISK. Go to these businesses with a sense of purpose, get what you need, and get yourselves HOME.  If you have small children and cannot leave them at home, please consider using the option of pick up. 

The City of Camdenton supports the order issued by the Camden County Health Department and the County Commissioners on March 31, 2020 and urges all businesses to comply as follows:

  1. All public and private gatherings, planned or spontaneous; recreational facilities, conference, event and banquet facilities, wedding venues, gyms, social clubs, funerals,  churches or any other place of public or private gathering, shall limit participants to 10 people provided they can maintain the appropriate 6 ft distance between participants This is meant to include employees and clergy in the count of 10 people.
  2.  There will be no dining or drinking allowed inside Food or Beverage establishments or their patios or lawns.  Use of curb-side service, pick up, or drive thru service is allowed. Patrons are asked to leave the establishment as soon as their order is received. 
  3. Due to being unable to maintain the 6 ft social distancing order between the provider and the customer; nail salons, hair salons, tattoo parlors, massage therapists, estheticians, spas or any other personal service provider will cease to provide their services.
  4. Schools shall remain closed, but allowed to continue to provide nutrition services to the families they serve
  5. Any additional directives from President Trump or Governor Parson will be incorporated into this order.
  6. These directives do not apply to Essential Governmental Proceedings, Day Care facilities, or Food Stores, however, Social Distancing practices and thorough cleaning and disinfection practices are to be maintained at all times.

Businesses found to be non-compliant may be subject to suspension of their operating permit due to creating an imminent health hazard. 

The City will continue with all staff and have instituted several social distancing measures to avoid contact between employees.

As Mayor, I urge you to follow all health recommendations, adjust your daily routines to avoid unnecessary contact with others, and continue to keep up with the ever-changing news about this pandemic. Finally, I wish the best for all of our community as we work together to lessen the impact of this virus on our community.

Best wishes and good health,
John McNabb
Mayor City of Camdenton