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Questions & Answers

The Knox-Box® is required where access to or within a structure or an area is restricted because of secured opening or where immediate access is necessary for life-saving or fire-fighting purposes, the fire code official is authorized to require a key box to be installed in an approved location. The key box shall be a Knox Box brand; of a size dictated as appropriate by the fire code official; and contain items as deemed necessary for emergency response operations at the facility, including keys to gain access as required by the fire code official.

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Please contact the Fire Prevention Bureau (573-346-6260) if you have any questions regarding the Knox-Box system.

Questions & Answers

What is a Knox-Box System?
It’s a high-security key box system, designed to give firefighters immediate access to locked buildings, elevators, and other secured areas.
How does the Knox-Box System work?
Following your purchase of a Knox-Box from the factory, you will mount it securely on the exterior of you building (attractive recessed-mount models are available). All necessary access keys will be locked inside by a representative of the fire department (only the fire department’s master key can open this box).

The Knox-Box gives the fire department a simple alternative to expensive, time-consuming forcible entry. The generous interior capacity allows you to store everything emergency personnel may require – keys, floor plans, electronic entry cards, emergency contact names and numbers, and more – in complete security until needed.
Why install a Knox-Box System?

Installation of a Knox-Box on your property will not only allow firefighters faster access in case of an emergency, but will also prevent expensive forcible entry should emergency services be required while the premises are unoccupied. Costly front doors and entry ways needn’t be harmed if entry keys are available on-site.  After an incident the front doors can simply be locked again securing your building and contents.

How is a Knox-Box System installed?

Each Knox-Box is shipped with complete mounting instructions; however, Camdenton Fire Prevention Bureau will assist you in choosing a proper location for mounting. All Knox-Boxes shall be mounted 72-84 inches from the ground to the center of the box and within 10 feet of the primary entrance. After installation is completed, contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 573-346-6260 to conduct an inspection of the installation and secure the required information inside the box. Once completed it is ready to provide immediate access to emergency personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

How secure is a Knox-Box System?
Security has always been a Knox strong point. Designed for maximum protection, each virtually indestructible box (UL 1037) features a special high-security Medeco lock and key. This Medeco restricted locking system guards against unauthorized key duplication. Keys aren’t even available to locksmiths or lock distributors – only The Knox Company can supply these keys!

Our system offers maximum security at every step. Each city has an exclusive key code. All Knox-Box stations in that city are keyed alike – and only the Fire Department has master keys. Master keys are secured on our apparatus and are released via 911 emergency dispatch for the utmost in accountability and tracking purposes.  The Fire Marshal's vehicle is the only vehicle that can release the Master key by entering a code.  The tracking and accountability is the same.
Who can authorize a Knox-Box System? / Ordering Information
The Camdenton Fire Department has authorized online ordering directly from the Knox Company. To order Knox-Box series and accessories, go to and select Online Purchase. It is extremely important that you select the correct fire department from the list. If the wrong fire department is selected, your Knox Products will not work with your assigned fire department and you will be subjected to a $25.00 re-keying fee. Please call your fire department to verify, before making your choice.

You may also contact the fire department for an order form to mail or fax your order in. Knox-Box will ship your order directly to you. Each Knox-Box is shipped without keys, locked in an open position and ready for mounting. Contact your Fire Prevention Bureau once the box is mounted and contents are ready to be placed inside box.
Which series Knox-Box System is preferred?
Knox-Box 3200 Series, the most popular KNOX-BOX product, is the heavy-duty, high-security 3200 Series key box that stores keys, access cards and other small items. Tamper switches allow you to connect the KNOX-BOX to a building’s alarm system, adding further security. The 3200 series will meet most business needs.

Knox Vault 4400 Series The heavy-duty Knox-Vault has a large capacity for storing keys, access cards, floor plans and other building entry items. Tamper switches allow you to connect the Knox-Vault to the building’s alarm system, adding even further security. This is typically needed for multistory or large buildings.

Knox Padlock for Security Gates: 3/8 in. diameter stainless steel shackle with 2-1/8 in. clearance. Padlock designed to secure exterior perimeter and fire access gates. Heavy-duty brass body protected by EPDM boot with shackle seal. Medeco lock cylinder has UL 437 rating.

KNOX® KEY SWITCH gate override for gated communities, apartment complexes, parking garages, pedestrian gates, emergency machinery shutdown and industrial gated areas.