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Knox Box Information

A Knox Box, known officially as the KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System is a small, wall-mounted vault that holds building keys for firefighters to retrieve in emergencies.  Knox boxes are used by over 11,000 fire departments and government installations.  The Knox Box is designed with the utmost security, preventing unauthorized access.

The Knox Box provides non-destructive emergency access to commercial and residential properties. It provides faster emergency response without forced entry damage. Knox key boxes, vaults and cabinets hold building entrance keys, electronic access cards and vital emergency information. Knox key switches and padlocks also provide fire department access through property gates.

The residential key box provides entry for fire and medical emergencies on residences – single family homes and duplexes. It gives the Fire Department fast access to a home when the owner is not there or is unable to answer the door due to illness or disability. Installing a Knox Box also decreases dependence on neighbors or family members who may have misplaced the house key or may be unavailable when emergency help arrives. There is no waiting for a property owner to unlock the door in the middle of the night and no need to force the door open or break windows to gain entry. It can be mounted permanently near the door or directly on the door. For residential use only, it holds a maximum of two keys.

The Camdenton Fire Department began with the Knox Box program in February 2002.  There are numerous benefits to using a Knox Box system:

Emergency Medical Services

When you are injured or become critically ill, firefighters and paramedics can respond quickly, without forcing entry, when a Knox Box is installed by your front door. They simply remove the entrance key stored inside, provide medical assistance and re-lock the door when they leave.

Fire Alarm Response

If no one is home and an alarm activates, firefighters and other emergency responders must determine if it is a false alarm or an actual emergency. Without a Knox Box, responders may simply look for smoke through the windows or force entry to determine the answer.  Either method presents the likelihood for costly damage.  Depending on several variables smoke may not be visible at the time the fire department was looking through the windows, by the time the fire is easily visible it may be too late to save your property and possessions.  If the fire department forces entry you be left with the cost of repairs.

Senior Citizen “LifeLine” Support

Elderly and/or critically ill citizens who depend on medical support services such as LifeLine™, also rely on fast response to calls for emergency aid. Knox Box key boxes prevent forced entry and additional stress for the patient.

Firefighter Safety

When emergency responders cannot unlock the front door, they search for an alternate means of entry. Sometimes it is difficult to determine which rear window or door to try before forcing entry. If they accidentally enter the wrong apartment, serious injury can result from the surprised occupant.

Purchase a Knox Box

Go to, enter zip code 65020 then select Camdenton Fire Department, choose the appropriate Knox Box and complete order.  Shipping typically takes about 10 days to arrive.  If you do not have Internet access paper order forms are available by contacting the Fire Marshal at 573-346-6260.

If the wrong fire department is selected at purchase our key will not work.  Knox currently charges a $25 fee to rekey your Knox Box.

Loaner Knox Box

The Camdenton Fire Department has a loaner Knox Box available for short-term use. If you will be rehabilitating from a surgery or other medical condition or are planning to have a relative visiting who will be at home alone, etc., and may not be able to answer the door in an emergency situation, we can loan you a Knox Box for a period up to 90 days.  Contact the Camdenton Fire Department for more information in requesting a loaner Knox Box. (For residential use only)