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DATE:             January 4, 2016 
TO:                  MEDIA
Jeff Hancock, Camdenton City Administrator     

In an effort to keep our local citizens and area residents as informed as possible, the City of Camdenton announced today that the Missouri Department of Natural Resources recently released two reports concerning the status of their TCE investigations.  Each of these reports may be seen at the Department’s web page at 

Report No 1:   Camdenton Sludge Disposal Area Site: (Updated                                January 2, 2018)

This DNR report may be seen at and notes the following under the Conclusion Section:  

 “A site reassessment investigation was initiated in June 2017 in response to citizen concerns that Hulett Lagoon sludge material may have been applied on two additional private properties as well as the airport. There were also concerns that additional private drinking water wells needed to be sampled for TCE around the airport that were not tested during the 1999 investigation.  

Investigation and research indicates that the sludge applied at the two private properties came from the city’s wastewater treatment facility on Ha Ha Tonka Road and not from the Hulett Lagoon.

Analytical results from the October 2017 sampling of private drinking water wells and a public well surrounding the Camdenton Sludge Disposal Area site indicate there is no groundwater contamination. No TCE was detected in any of the twelve wells sampled within one half mile of the site. Trace metals were detected in some wells but, other than the lead detections that are not likely attributable to the site, none were at concentrations significantly above background levels for the area, nor above National Primary or Secondary Drinking Water Standards.

Given that sludge and surrounding soil samples collected in 1999 from the airport site did not contain any TCE, and there is no groundwater contamination of drinking water wells surrounding the site, no further investigation is planned at this time.”

Report No 2: “Dawson Metal Products Camdenton Facility #2                                  (updated November 29, 2017)

This DNR report may be seen at and notes the

following under the “Water Results Section: 

“The department collected samples from 17 private drinking water wells, one public drinking water well (Blair Heights Well) and two springs within one mile of the site. All samples were analyzed for VOCs, including TCE. No VOCs were detected in any of the water samples”  

This report also notes under the Path Forward Section the following:

“Based on current information, there is no evidence of TCE exposure to DMPF #2 building employees above health based action levels. Additional air sampling will be conducted in January 2018 to verify these conditions”

Again, information is available at DNR’s web site at   and in addition, individuals may provide additional comment and information on the first page of the web page above.  

J. Jeff Hancock, City Administrator, ICMA-CM
437 W. US Highway 54
Camdenton, MO 65020