Traffic Light E Hwy 54 @ Laker Pride

19, 2017
Traffic Light E Hwy 54
@ Laker Pride

The contractors have been working on the sidewalk project on East Highway 54 in Camdenton for several weeks and had a problem that will impact motorists.  Police were called to a complaint on Saturday July 15th and learned, the contractor cut a line that provides service to the traffic signal at Laker Pride while excavating the area near Laker Pride. This caused a problem with the light operation, how it loops or cycles.

• The light will cycle as normal for the East & West traffic

• The light will cycle as normal for Jack Crowell Road

• The light for Laker Pride does not cycle - it remains red.

Traffic cones have been placed to close off the left turn lane on Laker Pride. Laker Pride traffic can still turn right on red but will not be able to turn left until it is repaired. MODOT & contractors been working to fix the "loop lines" but it may be a few more days before it is completed. They anticipate repairs to be completed by Friday, July 21st. We understand this has been an inconvenience but hope by getting the information out, drivers can adjust their driving route to avoid this problem or minimize the delay.