Garage Sale Permit

The City of Camdenton welcomes you to have garage sales within our City limits.  You must first advise our City Hall of the dates you plan to have your garage sale in compliance with City Code Chapter 625.  Restrictions include:

Permit must be obtained 24 hours in advance of the garage sale.
You are limited to two (2) garage sales per calendar year.
Garage sales cannot exceed two (2) consecutive days.

You must receive confirmation from the City before conducting your garage sale.  If you have submitted your online request but do not yet have confirmation from the City, please call our office at 573-346-3600.

NOTE:  Garage Sale Signs
It is illegal, per Section 400.220 of the City of Camdenton Municipal Code, to place Garage Sale Signs on any City or State property.  This includes all utility poles, stop signs, street signs, stop lights, any City or State right-of-way including the City square.  Please refrain from posting illegal signs and remember to promptly remove your garage sale signs after your sale.

Online Garage Sale Permit Form

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